We are excited to announce the launch of the Concierge Suite by MS SHIFT - the new and revolutionary, Concierge software system. A great deal of research has gone into creating what you will view as the most advanced Concierge program available.

As we began envisioning what the final product would look like, our development team visited and consulted with real Concierges from the biggest and busiest desks. Drawing from their collective experience, we went to the drawing board to create an easy-to-use task log with innovative interfaces. Then, prior to its release, the program was tested by Concierges in focus group sessions over a several month period, perfecting and adjusting according to their own feedback.

What has emerged is a powerful, innovative Concierge system that streamlines operations making your desk more productive. With the Concierge Suite by MS SHIFT, your team will spend less time working at the computer resulting in more time being spent on positive interactions with guests.

The Concierge system is updated on a consistent basis to ensure that we stay in touch with technology and ahead of the competiton. This way, we can work as fast as you so that you can keep-up with your most high-expectation guests.

We will remain in service to the Concierge community as new technologies and applications arise that will help you serve the guests' better.

Thank you for your continued collaboration in keeping Concierges at the forefront of the travel and lodging industry!

“A system that works as fast as you do.”

LinkedIn  Stephanie Wu
Project Manager

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"At last—a system that’s fast, elegant and intuitive. And best of all, my correspondence with guests is easily customized; I can make it look the way I want it to and I no longer have to compromise."

- John Mark Hopkins, The Lowell Hotel

Building on our existing systems, MS SHIFT has created a fresh, up-to- date Concierge system. With guests researching for themselves using online tools, what becomes more important is having technology at your fingertips that helps you keep up with the requests. Your Concierge program should be so functional that you are able to spend less time looking in the computer and more time speaking with your guests.
The simplest system available for Concierge leveraging a dynamic workflow.
Interfaces and integrations with tools that the Concierge already use.
We provide outstanding customer service by former Concierge professionals.
Frequent updates and revolutionary innovations help Concierge teams keep up with guests.
“Our Concierge team at The Benjamin is beyond impressed with the total package offered from MS Shift! Our experience with everything from the training, to implementation, and follow up support has been exceptional. We really received a patient and professional touch from the entire team at MS and we are very proud to utilize this system everyday with success. The user friendly functions as well as detailed, organized layouts are essential to our needs here at the Concierge desk. Not only are we pleased to proclaim our experiences so far, we are proud to be the voice to our colleagues and friends so that they may jump on board with this huge upgrade to our livelihood.”

- Sarah Pesek, The Benjamin

MS SHIFT is an established software and technology development company that services the leading hotels of the world by providing innovative systems and technology to serve their operational needs! Designed and managed by a team of professionals from the hospitality industry with a combined experience of over 50 years, MS SHIFT took all of this experience and developed an All In One solution to satisfy the needs of the Front of House and Back of House. It is the only system built exclusively for the hotel industry with their needs in mind and it is recognized by General Managers, Concierges and Loss Prevention teams as "the must" have for their departments.

Today, we provide what we consider to be the most powerful, comprehensive and intuitive systems available on the market.
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