Command and Control your Hotel with MS SHIFT
On Duty with MS Shift iOS App
With the new MS SHIFT Scan © 2015 App for mobile Apple products, your officers will enjoy having all the features they need right at their fingertips in light and powerful devices such as the iPhone, iPod or the iPad.

Tailored for the officer on the move, the MS SHIFT App encompasses all the daily tasks allowing for fast and professional response, and increases the safety and security of the property.

The new MS SHIFT iOS App has made revolutionary changes in the way hotels provide security services, and has streamlined the reporting processes, creating an efficient well run operation.
Better Customer Service with Real-Time Search
With the MS SHIFT iOS App, your staff will now be able to log in crucial information while out on the field with real-time synching onto the centralized MS SHIFT system, ensuring the team is constantly connected for a more efficient workflow. Loss Prevention can easily create and view reports, while other departments such as Banquet and Concierge can conveniently search for Incoming Packages or Lost & Found items. 
Capture Guest Signatures for Verification
MS SHIFT assists in streamlining all guest-related issues concerning Lost & Found and Packages for pick-up and delivery using a guest signature for verification. With the MS SHIFT iOS App, your team will be able to capture digital signatures of guests with the simple use of a finger, which will provide oversight on all items recovered and claimed.
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