"I find it a very useful tool for our security department, since all acquired information can be used to instantly generate very favorable reports. Previously, we had to analyze collected information, which did not have the efficiency and effectiveness that MS SHIFT gives us. The analysis of the information now allows us to better optimize our resources, visit areas and improve work schedules, etc. We must also highlight the work of a previous colleague who worked at the hotel. She introduced us to the product in an excellent manner, clearly describing the sales process and training the team. The adaptation was very fast by our staff. The educational and practical training prepared the team to start using the system the next day. Simplifying, it is a dynamic, innovative and professional system security."

Hernán Meccia, Director of Security, Faena Hotel Buenos Aires, Argentina
"I have been using MS Shift for the past couple years at various properties and I must say that this is a great "All in One" security management tool. The system is quite extensive covering a wide range of functions that allows us to manage all of our daily activities from a single database. Our Team has found great value in the various modules as they are able to accurately record events in a methodical manner. The system is very user friendly and requires very little time to train our Officers on how to use the system. From a Leadership standpoint we are able to use the system to identify trends for a wide range of events, which significantly aids us in our operation planning and deployment of resources. I am also able to track the productivity of the Team and individuals which has proven to be very useful. The support and customer service from the MS Shift Team is quite outstanding, as they are with you every step of the way from the initial design phase to the implementation. They were also very creative and accommodating in designing a system for our complex property. MS Shift has proven itself to be a very good security management system and I would strongly recommend its use by any security professional no matter the size of your organization."

Phillip Morgan, Complex Director of Security, Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort
"MS Shift is a very useful tool that really contributes to improve the security in your hotel. The support is the best you can get. Every time I need help with anything, someone calls me on the same day to solve the problem or answer my questions right away. They are very patient. I really like the key control and patrol features. The Lost and Found feature is excellent also, I work in a very large beach resort where guests leave their stuff all over the property, and this tool has helped us organize the lost and found in or hotel efficiently. I strongly recommend MS Shift for any hotel that really wants to take security seriously"

Mauricio Ledezma, Director of Security, The Westin Golf Resort & Spa Playa Conchal, Costa Rica
"I became aware of MS SHIFT through the recommendation of a colleague who was using the product for their new-build luxury hotel. I had never heard of MS SHIFT, but decided to check it out. I was immediately impressed with its design and ease of use. The idea of having one software suite that handles so many security tasks was largely unheard of, but a truly welcome surprise. None of the other products I evaluated even came close to MS SHIFT. I have recommended MS Shift to many of my colleagues, and quite honestly - I can't imagine running a security department today without having such a full-featured integrated software suite such as MS Shift. I only wish it was available years ago."

Michael J. Soper, CLSD, CAPP II - Chairman and Law Enforcement Liaison - ILSSA Boston
"I have used MS SHIFT in multiple hotels, large and small, and there is no other program that comes close to matching MS SHIFT. I was very lucky to come to a new property and have the opportunity to purchase MS SHIFT and cut the other 5 programs we were using for various details. There was no doubt in my mind that MS SHIFT would be my first purchase and it would change the entire daily operation in our hotel. No matter where I work, MS SHIFT will always be a part of it."

Andrew Luttrell, CLSD, Director of Loss Prevention, The Joule Dallas
"I have introduce MS SHIFT to two properties and got the same fantastic results. The ease of use and technology like the new handheld device, keep my staff engaged and on their toes. Our key control has tightened up; Lost and Found is running smooth with no lost time searching for items. My favorite is the report section. I send out monthly reports to my Executive team and corporate team and now they see the work that is being done (blew them away). The MS SHIFT support team is by far the best I have dealt with ever! Any issue has been corrected in less than a day. Honestly it is always user error than the system having an issue. I would and have recommended MS Shift to any security team looking to take that next step to an efficient well run professional department."

Wayne Johnstone, Director of Security, Loews Philadelphia Hotel
"I have been using MS SHIFT software for the last 5 years. Once you work with it, you will never want to work without it. MS SHIFT has been a tremendous addition for my Security Team as well as other departments who utilize it. The capabilities of MS SHIFT are endless as our hotel uses it for Daily Events, Incident Reports, Locker Assignments, Lost and Found, Packages, Task Reminders, and Visitor Passes. Looking back, I can't imagine ever working without it... It's truly an integral part of our daily operation."

David Hamerman, CLSD, Director of Security, Sofitel New York
"I was introduced to MS SHIFT while working with The Ritz-Carlton. I was immediately impressed with the multi-program integration. Shift events can be linked to patrols and patrols can link to incident documentation; all with the ability to run reports to assess trends and response needs. The reports and graphs are simple and easy to read. They can be easily sent to all relevant leaders via email. Since it is on the network, access can be given to any user for a wide range of accesses; admin to one simple tool. It's geared to a security mindset. The best part is not MS SHIFT the program, but the team behind it supporting you. My first contact was with Mr. Chan. We coordinated the set up and download. He then flew in from New York to Maui to train the team. His patience didn’t even seem strained in dealing with the various levels of questions. He was and is great! Over the years, I and my colleagues have become very comfortable contacting MS Shift for assistance; the response is prompt. It is usually the same day and even same hour. Upon my arrival to my newest security home, I implemented the MS Shift System. The restless renewal process was apparent; MS Shift was even better and improving. The service is the same; exemplary."

Jason T. Klohs, CLSD, Director of Security & Safety, Makena Beach & Golf Resort
We have been using MS SHIFT since 2006 and it is amazing. We have increased controls over lost & found, Keys, packages and visitors. The report generating system has been tremendous in incident tracking and a useful tool in getting to the root cause of employee accidents. We are able to track accidents by location or by incident, helping us reduce repeat incidents. Our claims have been reduced by 47% mostly because we have been able to reduce or eliminate repeat accidents with our tracking tools. With MS SHIFT there are no documents to store everything is saved to a secured server, I would recommend MS SHIFT to any property regardless of size.

Anthony E. D’Alessio, Director of Safety & Security, Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

My experience with Ms Shift began some years ago, being a security officer in a large resort. Shortly after having begun to work the Hotel acquired Ms Shift, my knowledge of computers was very elementary and I must confess that learning to use Ms Shift was a very friendly process that I enjoyed considerably. The years have passed and now playing a management role I must say that Ms Shift is a platform that allows organizing information accurately, I find hard to think of having to manage the security information of a hotel without having a tool like that, the system allows you to have control over a large number of areas of relevance in the security day to day work in an integrated manner.

Pavel Reyes, Loss Prevention Manager, JW Marriott Lima

"Initially I was seeking a system that would provide better control and efficiency of our shipping and receiving which was manual logs. As I looked at the overall system and all modules, I quickly identified the entire system would be beneficial for our department and property. We ordered the system, held the onsite training with a MS SHIFT representative and implemented it within the hotel. This system provides a greater efficiency to the department and the hotel. It is very intuitive and easy to use once it has been set up. All of the officers that use it are continuously amazed and how much easier and efficient they have become after years of multiple systems and logbooks. A huge morale booster for the officers who take pride in a system that brings professionalism to the department when managing shipments, shift activity log, barring notices, lost and found, keys, visitors, Incident reports, and patrols. As the Director, it has provided me a system that I can view everything I need from one screen versus multiple platforms. It provides exceptional reports that help in justification for safety and security efforts and the liabilities or concerns that come with this. If you utilize MS SHIFT correctly, it is not only a tool that provides peak performance for your team, but can provide metrics for a proactive stance with trending and metrics. These reports are at your finger tips to help you pinpoint, isolate and direct your efforts. I also enjoy the welcome screen with handover, contacts and informational sections. We no longer need hard copies of phone list, pass on binders and notes. I receive an alert that is for security only, I save the PDF, upload it and all officers see it when they log in. One less clipboard on the wall. It has helped us to become more sustainable with less printing. The system allows officers in the field to use technology to complete their patrol, incident report and or respond to an activity, and upload information to include photos with one device. Over the years I have utilized many systems, but found that this truly is an "All in one" package and actually does what they say it will do. Some systems unlike MS SHIFT do not allow you the flexibility to customize it to your organization or facility. We were able eliminate different systems, logs and use MS SHIFT for all that we do. I could go on and on about the system and would highly recommend for any organization."

Bill Glover, Director of Safety and Security, Fairmont Dallas

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