MS SHIFT is an established software and technology company that services the leading hotels of the world. The systems were developed for the hospitality industry to join operational needs and technology.

The company, founded in 2005 by Ori Zur, a computer science engineer and a veteran of the hotel industry, developed the first line of MS Shift software products for the hospitality industry. Today, we provide what we consider to be the most powerful, comprehensive and intuitive systems available on the market.

In the beginning, the firm, founded in New York City, serviced some of the largest and busiest hotels in Times Square. This initial suite of services managed by an exceptional team of computer engineering specialists, focused on tools to help hotels reduce costs associated with worker’s compensation claims, guest losses and other areas of liability. Moving beyond back-of-house departments, MS SHIFT now offers an array of systems servicing front-of-house departments.

Designed and implemented by experienced veterans of the hospitality industry, MS SHIFT reflects years of practical experience and is the only system built exclusively for the hotel industry. It increases efficiency and productivity for every department of the hotel.

“We continue to exceed the expectations of what hotel technology can do.”

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