Safety & Security

From a properties basic security plan to a large scale operation, our plans are tailored to suit your properties needs to ensure a secure environment.

Lost & Found

A full service system that helps you manage all of the items found on a daily basis from the time an item is found to the time it gets returned and everything in between.


A revolutionary system that assists you in providing personalized Concierge services with the power of highly efficient interfaces.

Asset Tracking

A system to account for and keep track of those high value items issued to and used by employees, contractors and guests. Check-in or check-out, keep track at all times.

Shipping & Receiving

A complete package management software system that keeps the entire hotel on track with package storage and delivery.

Photo ID System

A photo ID system in its simplistic way, for employees, time and attendance and access control systems. Easy, durable and long lasting.

Bell Desk

A smart luggage tracking system to increase Bell efficiencies, allowing staff to keep track of where guest luggage is located with electronic logs that can be reviewed with accuracy.


Designed to track employees visiting the cafeteria and a swipe of their ID card records their visit. Identify peak meal break periods and how often employees are visiting.

Self-Service Visitor Kiosk

Enhance your hotel with cutting-edge technology with our Visitor Kiosk! Visitors and contractors can use the integrated touchscreen to easily register or sign-in, decreasing execution time and increasing productivity.
"The idea of having one software suite that handles so many security tasks was largely unheard of, but a truly welcome surprise..."

Michael J. Soper, CLSD, CAPP II – Chairman and Law Enforcement Liaison - ILSSA Boston

MS SHIFT provides the most comprehensive and intuitive hotel systems available today, encompassing many aspects of an advanced hotel operations team. MS SHIFT delivery complete software services to leading hotels around the globe, including Marriott International, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, The Peninsula Hotels Group, and many independent boutique properties.
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