Smart Luggage Tracking System

The most advanced hotel solution for seamless arrival and departure guest experiences
When dealing with a fast-paced lobby of arriving and departing guest, the quality of bell services can make a big impression on guest satisfaction.

• Do guest complaints arise from luggage delivery issues?
• Do you pay out compensation to guest for lost, damaged or misplaced luggage?
• Do you have guests who wait a long time for luggage delivery?

MS SHIFT’s Bell Desk Management System provides the tools and technology to maintain a high-level of services.


Check-In, the Arrival Process

The first touchpoint of guest experience and impression
A guest’s arrival sets the tone for their entire experience at your hotel. A flawless arrival experience will create loyalty through the impeccable standard of excellence.

MS Bell will provide the tools to your bell staff for an efficient and organized check-in so they can focus on the guest experience. From the moment your guest arrives, their luggage will be tagged and scanned with a barcoded luggage tag. The luggage is tracked into the lobby where it may be stored or kept at your bell stand.

flawlessly, your guest has received their luggage at their room and the bell staff is quickly available to return to the lobby to assist with other guests. A truly unique tool, MS Bell gives faster responses to guest requests for bell services. Guest waiting times are drastically reduced with the instant connectivity of MS Bell.


Guest Experience

With MS Bell, luggage delivery becomes efficient and modernized, delivering a seamless guest experience and ultimately leading to a better hotel review.

Scenario: Your bell staff has placed a piece of guests' luggage in the wrong vehicle. How to avoid this scenario?
Solution: Your bell staff will scan bags and assign to a guest. Upon scanning, MS Bell will alert the staff if they have scanned a bag that does not belong to that guest.

Missing luggage can equate to loss of productivity, unnecessary compensation and guest disatisfaction. By efficiently tracking luggage through MS Bell, losses are reduced and retrieval times for items is minimal. Staff can spend more time creating a positive guest experience instead of wasting precious time searching for bags.


Check Out

Creating a memorable send-off
Guest departures are the perfect moment to solidify loyalty and create the final moments of the guest experience. When a guest calls to have their luggage picked up, the typical scenario is the extended waiting period for a bellman to arrive.

MS Bell reduces that wait time and streamlines the check-out process so that your staff can focus on connecting with the guests during departure.

Guest recognition and a personal and heartfelt thank you from staff are very important at check-out. But too often they are looked-over during busy periods. Post departure surveys and online reviews are often influenced negatively due to slow bell services or experiences during check-in or check-out. With MS Bell, luggage delivery becomes efficient and modernized, delivering a seamless guest experience and ultimately a better review.

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