Patented U.S. Pat. No. 10488892
With MS Bell, luggage delivery becomes efficient and modernized, delivering a seamless guest experience and ultimately a better review.

Barcoded luggage tags allow Bellmen to tag and scan luggage on the mobile application upon guest arrival. Corresponding barcodes placed on storage areas, entry points and guest rooms allow Bellmen to document each time the location of the luggage changes. A fail-safe feature also alerts Bellmen when an incorrect barcode is scanned based on the parameters of the assignment they are completing.

The system incorporates your property’s existing calculation method to determine the next available Bellman for dispatch, creating a custom auto assignment flow.

Smart Luggage Tracking System

Misplaced luggage can equate to a loss of productivity, unnecessary compensation and guest dissatisfaction. By efficiently tracking luggage through MS Bell, losses and retrieval times are reduced and the check-in and check-out processes are streamlined.
Bell Kiosk

Bell Kiosk

The MS SHIFT Bell Kiosk offers self-service technology that allows guests to be served more efficiently while reducing queue and wait times.
 Access luggage flow information for real-time location tracking
 Customize barcoded luggage tags to fit your branding
 Easily scan tag information into MS Bell via mobile application
 Efficiently locate luggage using barcoded claim tickets
 Record details such as handling instructions or delivery notes
 Take photos of luggage to protect against false claims

Guest Experience

Missing luggage can equate to loss of productivity, unnecessary compensation and guest disatisfaction. By efficiently tracking luggage through MS Bell, losses are reduced and retrieval times for items is minimal. Staff can spend more time creating a positive guest experience instead of wasting precious time searching for bags.

Scenario: Your bell staff has placed a piece of guests' luggage in the wrong vehicle. How to avoid this scenario?
Solution: Your bell staff will scan bags and assign to a guest. Upon scanning, MS Bell will alert the staff if they have scanned a bag that does not belong to that guest.

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