The Hospitality Alert Network System (HANS) is a unique service consolidating hotel property crime reports. With MS SHIFT powering the system, HANS has successfully prevented crime and securely initiated information exchange between local authorities and hospitality sites.

Real-time communication with law enforcement
Immediate mobile alert updates
Safe, secure information sharing
Organizes and consolidates multi-site reports
Accurate and up-to-date alerts
Follow-up reports
Create detailed alerts for trend and pattern recognition
MS SHIFT is recognized as the leading hotel security software application worldwide. And nationally, it has proliferated the industry as the system for complete security needs. And we are proud of that fact! These endorsements are a direct result of MS SHIFT’s universal appeal. But we thought we could keep pushing and take this coveted program and its acclaim, somewhere completely new. Therefore, we are proud to report that MS SHIFT’s unique footprint has led to an innovative and groundbreaking approach. It’s called HANS!

Since early 2009, MS SHIFT has powered the Hospitality Alert Network System, or HANS. HANS is a unique service, consolidating hotel property crime reports. MS SHIFT’s collaboration with local law enforcement and multiple sites simultaneously, is a success in and of itself.

HANS has proven itself outside of its technological achievement as well. One criminal in particular was apprehended after a local NYPD officer compared a real-time theft to alerts already posted on the HANS. The similarities of the crime allowed the officer to stay ahead of the major offender and then gave him the opportunity to quickly subdue [take him down] the perpetrator before the spree continued.

With MS SHIFT as the backbone, local law enforcement agencies and Safety & Security departments can communicate more effectively, prevent crime more readily, and ensure time and resources are not wasted. HANS, and its MS SHIFT engine, have profoundly changed security productivity. The ability to share incidents in this fashion proves to be uniquely invaluable.

We are thrilled with the results of this program and look forward to implementing similar services in other major cities soon. For more information about our services for your area, please email us at sales@msshift-usa.com.
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